Moxie Jean reviews

Buying from Moxie Jean

"The quality of the clothing was excellent and totally top-notch. I thought Moxie Jean was very well-organized and super easy to shop. It was an extremely pleasant, totally not frustrating experience. That made me happy, because I love a bargain and I don’t like to spend too much time on it!" - Brandy K., Silver Spring, MD

"Got my first order today and WOW, what a great service you provide. I am always clueless when it comes to matching outfits, and you guys made it a breeze! Thank you thank you thank you!" -Alicia P., New York, NY

"So impressed with your company!  Clothes are adorable. You are definitely my first place to go to now for kids clothes." - Amy B., Montgomery, IL

"I got my first order in the mail today and I was blown away! Thank you so much for this wonderful service and great customer service as well!" - Sara J., Shreveport, LA

"The clothes are all great quality, can't wait for my son to wear them. Thanks!!!!!" - Katherine M., Fair Lawn, NJ

"Beyond impressed! Placed my order yesterday and rec'd it today!!! Not only was the shipping crazy-fast, the clothes are perfect! Thank you so much!!!" Nancy H., Chicago, IL

"Loved how easy the process was. This is a multiples mommies dream!! No shopping with lots of babies in a mall!!!" - Melissa S., Missouri City, TX

"I cannot get over how clean and the condition the clothes are in. They look brand new. I will definitely be using you again." - Wendy S., Sumter, SC

"We just got our first batch of clothing and I love every piece! It was an awesome deal for the amount of clothing we got!!" - Mila S., Dillsboro, NC

"At Moxie Jean, I can buy three complete outfits for the price that I would pay for just one in a store.  The clothes look brand new you'd never know that they aren't." - Ceci D., West Palm Beach, FL

"I am a huge fan of Moxie Jean! I'm a mom who doesn't like to shop, and so if I can spend with my son instead of shopping, I'll take it!" - Brett H., Chicago, IL

"The clothes I ordered were in great condition and smelled so fresh to boot!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, from a tired but happy Mom!!!" - Anna T., Maple Shade, NJ

" It was all just so convenient - especially for a working mom who finds it extremely hard to get out and shop for good deals on clothes for my son." - Michele C. Arlington Heights, IL

Moxie Jean Customer Service

"I am very excited I found your business. With so many buying options now, customer service is HUGE to me and makes a difference in where I shop and who I recommend, so A+ to your business for awesome customer service!" - Christine L., San Jose, CA

"Thank you so much! I have to say that the customer service for this company is sooooo great! You guys always respond so quickly, personably and with the customer in mind! I always recommend Moxie Jean to my mom friends :). Thanks again :)" - Rachael W., Gloucester, MA

"The site is easy to use, organized well, and the people are extremely friendly.  They respond to emails very quickly, I was honestly surprised how quickly!" - Tina S., Manitowoc, WI

"I love your customer service! In one of my earlier orders I had some questions and my questions were answered respectfully and quickly." - Lindsey G., Chicago, IL

"I loved the quality of my order indeed. I did have 1 issue and immediately contacted customer service and received an immediate email and a credit. Therefore, I can't say enough about you!" - Chelsea A., Pleasant Hill, CA

"Thank you for the excellent customer service at remedying [my problem]. That's not very common these days, and I was really impressed." - Pat A., Naperville, IL 

"I'm really thrilled with Moxie Jean and have only had good interactions with your customer service, from answering my questions to the fast shipping to the amazingly well chosen items." - Carissa A., Chicago, IL

"What puts Moxie Jean in it's own category in my opinion is the over the top, A+, MVP customer service. I had a few errors along the way (all my own doing!) and [your staff] was available and worked with me to get them resolved in a very gracious way!" - Jennie G., Portsmouth, VA

ou have very FAST service and I LOVE that!!  The last order I placed went out within hours of placing the order and I think I got it in the mail two days later!!!!" - Mary Kay B., Dayton, OH

"I just wanted to send a quick reply and thank you for your quick response.  I love your site and think you all are doing a fantastic job at Moxie Jean." - Abby R., Switz City, IN

"The clothes I ordered were in perfect condition and I am extremely happy with my purchase. One item was the wrong size but I emailed and received a very quick response and was offered a refund for the item or to pick out another item at no charge. I love Moxie Jean and you have amazing customer service! I cannot say enough good things about your company!" - Carly S., Fairfax, VA

Selling to Moxie Jean

"Best thing I ever decided to do with my children's clothes. Just a really simple easy process." - Jamie B., Chittenango, NY

"I am so glad I found your company! I have been super pleased with selling and buying clothes for my daughter. Thank you!" - Emily B., Waynesboro, PA

"The pre postage mail back bag is such a wonderful idea and makes sending clothes to you very easy (especially for us busy moms)." - Cynthia L., Redlands, CA

"I also really appreciate that you're very detailed in your reasons for not accepting certain items, that helps me to be more selective as well when sending like new clothing to moxiejean. I am so glad someone finally came up this idea, you are a tremendous godsend!" - Aundrea F., Holly Hill, FL

"I think you make it very easy to resale items - the bag is just the right size and your process is very easy.  I also like that whatever doesn't make the Moxie Jean cut makes its way to someone else or is repurposed somehow.  Recycle, reuse, repurpose - I try to do whatever I can to help too, so it's nice to feel like we are partnering.  I am constantly singing your praises, so to speak, and will gladly forward your link to my friends."  - Jennifer R., Farmer's Branch, TX

"I think the Moxie Jean process is pretty easy and I like how the payout is detailed so you know what credit was received for a specific item. I like using Moxie Jean instead of Once Upon a Baby because their process is such a pain and after it is all done you still end up with clothes that you need to do something with. I like how Moxie Jean will donate clothes that are still in good shape but not really selling material." - Charise P., Darien, IL

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