Frequently Asked Questions

 Buying clothes from Moxie Jean


Do you ship to Canada? APO addresses? Anywhere outside the United States?

At this time, Moxie Jean is able to ship everywhere in the United States, including APO addresses, Hawaii and Alaska. We do not currently ship to Canada or any other country. As we grow and expand, we look forward to serving families around the world. 


Where do the clothes come from?

We purchase new and like-new clothing from families whose children have outgrown it. Most of the clothing we sell has been worn but is in excellent condition. If you would like to sell clothing to Moxie Jean please see our Clothing Purchase Policies. If you ever receive an item that is not in excellent condition, please contact us at for a full refund. 


What is “Upscale Resale”?

We sell new and like-new clothing that we have purchased from families like yours. Although most of our merchandise is not new, every aspect of shopping at Moxie Jean should feel like shopping at your favorite boutique. That means: 

  • well-chosen pieces from your favorite brands;
  • clear navigation that makes it easy to find what you need;
  • beautiful, detailed photographs of every bundle;
  • super fast shipping; and
  • friendly and responsive customer service. 


What if I receive an item that is not in excellent condition?

We take great care to make sure all the clothing we sell is in excellent condition and back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee. To our great frustration, every now and then a minor defect makes it past our team. We stand ready to rectify the situation. Just send us an email within 30 days at and let us know you had a problem and we’ll fix it. 


What if I have a problem with my order? What is your return policy?

Here at Moxie Jean, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase! We welcome returns for any reason and from any order that meet the below criteria:

  • Items can be returned from orders placed within the last 30 days, but special occasion outfit returns must occur within 7 days.
  • If the item(s) was sold by Moxie Jean as New With Tags, the tags must remain intact and the item must still be new and unwashed.
  • Clearance items are not eligible for returns.

Please contact us at for a return authorization and to obtain a free shipping label. Once it arrives to our studio, we will put the funds back on your account for you to shop with, or you can request a check to be mailed to you.

If you would like to return an item that does not meet these criteria or follow this process, it will be treated as an item being sold to Moxie Jean under our Clothing Purchase Policies and paid out at those rates.

Policy in effect as of 4/15/2015


How do you list clothing sizes from different manufacturers?

Our site lists children's size ranges as 0-3M, 3-6M, etc. But to make things more complicated, different manufacturers use different sizing conventions. For example, 

  • Ralph Lauren = 9M, 12M, 18M, etc.
  • First Impressions = 3-6M, 6-9M
  • Gymboree and Gap = 6-12M

And in bigger sizes, 

  • Gymboree = 7
  • Justice – 7/8 

We will note the actual size in the listing, then place the sizes in whatever category will give them the most wearable time for your child. For example, in baby sizes, our category 3-6M includes both of the following:

  • 3-6M (as with Gymboree)
  • 6M (as with Ralph Lauren)
  • Items marked 6-12M are placed in the 6-9M category.
  • Sleepsacks marked “one size” are generally placed in 0-3M.
  • In larger sizes something marked 8/10 would be placed in Size 8 and a 10/12 would be in Size 9/10. 

Please see our full sizing chart for all the specifics, including European sizes.


Can I combine two different offers/Discount Codes that I found in two different places?

We invite you to use one Discount Code on any given transaction. We do not combine discounts. 


Selling clothes to Moxie Jean

How do I sell clothes to you?

1.Read our full clothing purchase policies.

2.Order a FREE Moxie Jean Mailer Bag.

3.Send us your best stuff. 

4.Receive an email with a full accounting and the amount of your credit – or cash out any time.


How much does it cost to request a bag or sell clothing to you?

It costs nothing. Requesting a Moxie Jean Mailer Bag is free. We’ll mail you a bag and the return postage is paid, too, so there’s no cost to you. 


What brands do you take?

Generally, we take every brand EXCEPT Babies R Us, Baby Gear, Baby Headquarters, Circo, Falls Creek, Fisher Price, Garanimals, Gerber, Hanes, Jumping Beans, Kid Connection, McKids/McBaby, Okie Dokie, Simply Basic and Wonder Kids brands. For a listing of which brands we consider Basic and which brands we consider Better, please see our full Clothing Purchase Policies


Do you accept shoes/socks/swimsuits, etc.?

We do not accept towels, blankets, coverups or robes at all. We will accept swimsuits, socks and tights that are new and unworn, and we accept new and like-new bibs and hats that clearly coordinate with an outfit or set that you are submitting. We also accept shoes that are in excellent condition, but please limit shoes to 2 pairs per bag to avoid ripping in transit.

For full details of what we accept, please see our full Clothing Purchase Policies


Do you accept clothing that is out of season?

Yes, we are happy to accept clothing for any season, as long as it is in excellent condition. 


Do you accept clothing that has my child’s name written on it?

Yes, we accept clothing with names written in, as long as the writing isn’t on the fabric itself. (If it were written on the tag, for example.)


How long does it take to receive my Moxie Jean Mailer Bag after I have ordered it?

We send out Moxie Jean Mailer Bags via First Class mail. The bag should arrive within 5-7 days. Look for a large white envelope with a gray bag folded up inside.


I sent my Moxie Jean Mailer Bag in. When can I expect to hear from you?

First, we’ll write to you from our Seller Support email address, so please add to your “safe senders” list. 

We use Parcel Post from the United States Postal Service to return bags to us. This is a slow method, and so your bag can take anywhere from 7-14 days to reach us and a few days to be processed. We know it’s so hard to be patient, but we promise to send you an email when we’ve processed it. ☺ 

If you haven’t heard from us 3 weeks after you send the bag, first search your inbox and your SPAM folder for an email from, as many times sellers have simply missed our notification email. If you can’t find anything, please drop us a line at and we’ll check on it. 


How much do you pay for different items and how did you come up with those amounts?

Our full pricing grids are available at the bottom of our Clothing Purchase Policies.  Prices range from $.40 for a baby onesie to $5.00 or more for a dress from a Better brand. 

We determine our prices through our knowledge of the brands and the market for baby and kids’ clothing. We know what we can sell clothing for and we take into account the work required to sort, steam, style, photograph and store clothing and then attract and serve buyers. 


Why didn’t you accept all of my items? I thought they were perfectly fine. 

First, it's in BOTH of our interests for us to buy as many items from you as possible--we make nothing from the items we don't accept and instead donate them to families in need. So when we see quality clothing we truly want to be able to accept it. 

Usually, if you have read our guidelines and looked over your clothing carefully, we might find very minor stains, but more often it comes down to wash wear and fading. This is subjective but our team of moms who do intake ask themselves, “if I bought this for my own kids and opened the box when it arrived, would I be thrilled and say it’s ‘like new’? Or would I be disappointed?” If we can’t honestly say that we’d be thrilled to receive it ourselves, we don’t purchase it. 


Why should I sell to you when I can make more on eBay or at my local consignment sale? 

You can probably make more money selling individual pieces on eBay, but most moms find it’s not worth all the extra time and effort required. It’s easy to forget that consignment sales take a 30%-35% cut, as well as a $10 “consignor fee.” Add in those costs, and selling to Moxie Jean often nets more money for much, much less work. For a comparison of selling to Moxie Jean versus selling at a local consignment sale, please see this article


How do I know what you decided to purchase?

When we process your bag we log every single item inside. You will receive an email from us with all the items we purchased and how much we paid for them, along with all the items we did not purchase and the reason why. 


What happens to the clothing that I send in that you don’t buy? Can I get it back?

Any clothing that you we are not able to purchase is donated to charities serving children and families in need. Moxie Jean does not receive any compensation or tax deductions for these donations. Most of our donations go to The Kids’ Pantry in Mt. Prospect, IL. We have also sent donations to the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, the tornadoes that hit Washington, IL and to individual families brought to our attention by our charity partners. We are not able to return to you any clothing that we do not purchase, so please keep that in mind when filling your Moxie Jean Mailer Bag. 


How do I cash out my Moxie Money? 

You can respond to the email you receive from us indicating you would like to cash out. You can also login to your account and press the "Request a Check" button. Remember, though, you receive an extra 25% bonus for using your Moxie Money instead of cashing out. Hundreds of new outfits are uploaded every Monday and Thursday, so you might wait a bit to see if anything catches your eye.

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