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Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 3: "30 Ways, 30 Days:
How to Raise Charitable Children"

We're wrapping up Week 3 of our "30 Ways, 30 Days" Campaign and we continue to be amazed and delighted with all of the wonderful ways you all are giving back to your communities! 

It's Day 17 and our tip today is all about how can your company or business give back to the community? At Moxie Jean we donate clothes we can't sell to a local organization, The Kid's Pantry, who provides families in need across the Mid-West with clothes, shoes and coats.  Share with us how you give back through your company or employer and we may feature your story in our next blog post. When you post, you'll be entered to win $30 in Moxie Money....which you can use now or save for the new year!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

A Seller Shares Her Experience with Moxie Jean


Looking for the good, the bad and the "worst" thing about selling to Moxie Jean? Laurel M. shares her complete and honest experience.

I am writing from the perspective of being a seller to Moxie Jean. I recently read about them in Kiwi Magazine and said, "Hey, its worth giving them a shot!"

We have a few childrens' consignment shops in my area, but to sell to them can be quite the hassle (they only buy what's in season, they rarely take smaller sized infant clothing, I have to drive out there one day to drop off my stuff and then wait 24-48 hours for them to process everything only to drive back to the store and find out they are willing to give me pennies for my barely used threads).

The process of selling to Moxie Jean is a BREEZE! Frankly, it's almost TOO EASY! What I love the most about Moxie Jean is their TRANSPARENCY-- their website has EVERYTHING laid out for you including what you can expect to be paid.

I will admit that I do wish they paid more for such quality, brand named clothing, but, for me, it sometimes boils down to the cost of convenience. By simply ordering a FREE postage-paid bag from them I was able to purge my kids' closets, drop the bag off on my front stoop to have USPS pick it up, and a week later Moxie sent me an email with an itemized list of what they bought/will pay and even an explanation of what they didn't accept and why. (I also love the fact that what wasn't accepted was going to be donated to children in need.)

The "worst" part of the entire transaction is the decision to take the money and run or accept their offer of using it as store credit (+25% bonus) on their website. Their communication and customer service is simply fabulous and I will certainly sell to them again!"

Find Moxie Jean's complete Clothing Purchase Policies and order a free Moxie Jean Mailer Bag here.


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Friday, November 14, 2014

Week 2: "30 Ways, 30 Days:
How to Raise Charitable Children"

As we wrap up Week 2 of our "30 Ways, 30 Days" Campaign we are excited and blown away by all of the stories you guys are sharing about how you are giving back to your friends, your family and the communities you live in! 

Today's Day 10 Tip is from Fan C., a member of the Moxie Jean Community who shared how she and her family share the produce, eggs and even fresh maple syrup with families in their town. Over the next few weeks we'll continue to share a tips from you all on how your teaching your kids in to give back, so keep your stories coming. When you share a tip you are entered to win $50 in Moxie Money....perfect for holiday dresses or cold weather gear!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Dear Parents of Twins and Triplets (and, dare we say, Quads and Quints):


We know that you are already keenly aware of your need for a great big pile of onesies, sleepers and rompers in order to accommodate your brood. And we all know that as your children grow, those piles will only grow taller, the mountains of laundry higher. And you’re probably overwhelmed just thinking about shopping for it all. “When I was pregnant, I’d sit down at the computer and find a super cute dress to buy,” one Moxie mother of twin girls recalls. “Then, when I saw the price double when I selected two, I’d end up getting stressed out and buy something for my son instead. It’s intimidating when you see how much you're spending for every little thing.”

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Moxie Jean Season of Giving:
30 Ways, 30 Days To Raise Charitable Children


After spending a dozen years advising charities, from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation down to the smallest neighborhood nonprofit, having 3 children helped me realize something very basic, but very important – giving money to charity may not be the most important or effective way to be charitable

Why? Because when times are tight, few of us are writing checks to charity with the same frequency and the same number of zeroes as when we feel secure in our jobs and flush in our retirement accounts. And so the “charity” portion of our monthly budget starts to look like discretionary spending that can be reduced, especially in lieu of other, more urgent needs for a growing family. If we think being charitable equals “giving money” then charity can easily fall out of our lives.

(Join the conversation! Share with us how your family gives back to the community and you could win $50 in Moxie Money for telling us your favorite ways to teach your children to be charitable.)

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Monday, November 03, 2014

12 Perfect Holiday Dresses For Toddlers

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Practical Mom's Guide to What You REALLY Need at the Hospital

Packing for the Hospital: What You Need for the Delivery Room—and What You Don’t 

It’s a very common tale among first-timers: Over-prepared expectant mother packs enormous suitcase for the hospital only to ignore most of everything in it.

To help you avoid all that unnecessary work, we consulted some fellow moms, scoured our favorite parenting blogs and thought back to our own personal experiences to come up with a sensible checklist.

Labor Necessities: 

1) Lip balm. Why is this first on the list? Because it's incredibly annoying to have dry lips during labor. I actually used Aquaphor, which is good stuff to have around for babies anyway.

2) Socks and slippers, for those strolls up and down the hall, waiting for gravity to do its thing. They aren't sexy, but who cares? 

3) Your own pillow, or something else soft and cozy to bring comfort in a possibly tense situation.

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