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Friday, March 27, 2015

Mommy & Me Spring Wardrobe Giveaway!

Mommy & Me Spring Wardrobe GiveawayWin $300 to spend on a new Spring wardrobe! $150 for your little one at Moxie Jean, and $150 for you at Twice.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

7 Reasons to Shop Resale for the Cutest Maternity Wardrobe

Bump starting to show? How fun! Shopping resale is the perfect solution for maternity clothing. Here's why:

1) You have to have it. Unless you plan to use rubber bands holding up unzipped jeans that peek out from under gargantuan sweatshirts, at some point you really do have to get some maternity clothes. 

2) ..but you hate to spend money on it. It's so temporary, this pregnancy thing. Even if you believe in quality over quantity and buying pieces that last, you're only going to wear these items for a few months. Spending hundreds on quality items can be hard to stomach (ha ha). Ideally, you can get great quality maternity clothes but at "big box" prices - and that describes resale perfectly.

3) You generally don't wear it out. Maybe you're a serious yogi and your maternity yoga pants got really worn at the knees. But most pregnant women aren't doing anything too strenuous, so their maternity clothing comes through looking just as good as new. Which means the resale inventory is truly "like new"!

4) You don't want to be a generic pregnant lady. Probably there's a Gap or Old Navy with a maternity section in your area (and they have some cute stuff!), but after a while it all looks the same. Resale stores get stocked from a huge variety of brands, from Gap and A Pea in the Pod to awesome boutique designers you've never heard of before. 

5) You don't have time to wait. It's definitely possible to wait for end of season clearance sales to get good deals on maternity clothes. The problem is, you can't exactly save those items for NEXT Spring or summer - you kind of need them now. Get deeply discounted prices via resale - every day of the year. No waiting required.

6) You want to be a stylish mama... and the hand me downs from friends are looking a little dated. New prints and silhouettes are a lot more flattering than they used to be. Keep their black pants and tank tops - but try out modern cuts and styles by supplementing with resale finds.

7)...but you don't want to add to the fast fashion problem. Fashion is now the #2 most polluting industry on the planet - second only to oil. Buying resale reduces your consumption of new material -- and selling your items when you are done with them helps the virtuous cycle continue.

Now that you're convinced that resale is the way to go, here are 5 reasons you'll flip for Moxie Jean's new Maternity Collection.

  1. We have loaded up with go-to pieces from Liz Lange, Old Navy, Gap and other favorites. The kind of clothes you feel comfy in. The kind of styles that make you feel like yourself. And that's important during pregnancy.
  1. There are true designer pieces sprinkled in, too. Check out the new and gently worn threads from Isabella Oliver and Seraphine, the latter of which is a favorite of Kate Middleton. Even the new designer stuff is priced like the best clearance sale you ever found.
  1. We're kicking things off with a wide selection of more than 1,000 items. That's a lot of bump stuff! We'll be adding more regularly, so be sure to sign up for new inventory alerts and check back on Mondays and Thursdays when new arrivals are added to the site.
  1. You don't necessarily change your lifestyle once you become a mom-to-be. So, we've rounded out our selection with styles for all sorts of activities and events. Think upscale work apparel, formal occasion dresses and activewear for workout nuts. Plus nursing-friendly items for after your little one arrives!
  1. All Moxie Jean purchases come with a 100% money-back guarantee. No risk! Zero. What's not to love about that?
  1. You can sell it back to us when you're done. Request a Moxie Jean Mailer Bag in your order, and keep it on hand until the day (probably a few months after the baby is born) when you're ready to part with those maternity items. 

We felt it was only natural to expand our offerings to include fashions for moms-to-be. And not just any fashions -- we've stocked up with like-new pieces for work and play, priced at up to 75% off retail in sizes XS-XXL. So get to shopping and show off your bump in style!



Thursday, March 12, 2015

March Madness! Choosing Fanwear for the Littlest Sports Nut

Basketball is the month’s main event. You’re never too young to display fandom, loud and proud. Here are ideas for shopping kids sports clothes, and tips for enjoying the big game together.

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Friday, March 06, 2015

Baby's First Easter Dress: A Shopping Guide

Girls Easter dresses

Finding a pretty Easter dress is a fun part of buying baby girl clothes. It could be the first fancy purchase you make for her, so enjoy shopping -- and do it wisely. Here are some tips for buying the first of many special occasion girls dresses.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Moxie Milestone: $1,000,000 in Sales!

Moxie Jean was launched in July of 2012 with just 300 outfits for sale on a brand new web site. We sold $254 that first month. Now, less than 3 years later, we are proud to say that we have reached $1,000,000 in sales. 

Staff of Moxie Jean celebrate reaching $1,000,000 in total sales.

Behind that big-sounding number is a community of moms (and a few dads!) who have come together to benefit each other:

  • More than $280,000 has been paid out to families who turned their outgrown kid's clothing into cash or Moxie Money.
  • Just under 10,000 Moxie Jean Mailer Bags have been shipped out, shipped back, evaluated, steamed and photographed, resulting in over 150,000 outfits and single items listed for sale. 
  • More than 150,000 items have been donated directly to families in need thanks to our charity partners The Kid's Pantry
  • 24 moms, 3 college students and 1 amazing dad have been able to work a fun, flexible job that helps to support their families.
  • Local schools have raised thousands of dollars to support their programs.
  • Dozens of patients at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago have shopped for clothing at Moxie Jean to help them through extremely tough times, thanks to the generosity of sellers who donate their Moxie Money.

But perhaps most importantly, we have helped tens of thousands of families "save time, save money and save the planet" by shopping high quality resale. We strive to be fair, transparent and generous in the way we run this company and we hope we have converted a few families who are new to resale along the way. 

Please accept our enormous thanks to all who have joined and supported us--these have been both the longest and shortest 3 years of our lives!--including our employees, our community, our families (especially our husbands!) and our investors. 

Rosalie Sturtevant, Sharon Schneider and Sandra Pinter, founders of Moxie Jean

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Southern Baby Style: Smocked Dresses and Rompers

It’s no secret that Southerners dress to impress – and that effortless style applies to tots as well as adults. You’ll often see little ones looking picture-perfect in smocked dresses and rompers, whether they’re heading to a birthday party, a family function or church.


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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Secret to Finding $12,000 For College

As every parent knows, little ones are expensive! Clothing is a big part of that equation—kids grow out of everything before you know it. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture reports that American parents spend an average of $946 per child per year on clothing. Yikes!

What if you could save some of that cash and have more to spend on education, music lessons, or family outings and trips---without sacrificing style, quality, or the brand names you love? And what if you could teach your children lessons about value and smart choices at the same time? Sounds like a no brainer, right?

Families have found a great way to do just that with high quality resale. Clothing resale is a trend that’s catching on—and for all the right reasons. Well-made items from quality manufacturers such as Gap, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, and Tea Collection, to name just a few, can easily hold up through more than one little owner—giving moms and dads an opportunity to buy them gently-used at great prices and providing a cash-back “exit option” for parents with outgrown clothes to sell.

Pre-loved” clothing can sell for up to 75% less than the same item would cost new, and the gamut of resale shops and online sites runs all the way from thrift stores and do-it-yourself online sites to highly curated shops and web/mobile boutiques that curate for quality and offer 100% satisfaction guarantees.

Assuming that just a portion of clothing purchases are made via resale rather than new, a family could easily save one-third of its clothing spend—or $315 per child annually. Invest that money in your child’s 529 education savings account, and you would have nearly $12,000 in additional cash to spend on college expenses by the time your child turns 18. Alternatively, a family with three children would have nearly $1000 each year to spend on a family vacation—time to relax and make memories together.

#ResaleRockstar Ellen D. of New Lenox, IL has made resale a regular part of her family’s life and is teaching her kids some important lessons in the bargain. She writes:

“As a rule, I mostly try to give away what was given to us and sell what we purchased.  As a family of six (plus two four legged kids) on one income, I would rather spend our family's money on trips to the zoo and fun outings like the Harlem Globetrotters (which was a blast) than brand new clothing.  I think our kids have learned a little about monetary value when we explain to them why we make choices about how we spend our money. “

Rock on, Ellen! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style or quality to give your family a financial edge. . .and you don’t! Next time your little one’s clothes start looking like the Grinch’s heart—“two sizes too small”—commit to buying resale first. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

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