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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We asked Sharon for her thoughts on striking that all-important work-family balance, the beauty of collaborative consumption and the best way to unwind after the kids go to bed. A conversation with Moxie Jean's visionary leader: 

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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Dressing for the First Day of School: Some DOs and DON'Ts

With summer already starting to wind down, soon the kids will be out of their flip-flops and swimsuits and back into their "regular" clothes. That's right, the first day of school is only a few weeks away, and with it comes the big question: what to wear?

Now some kids like to dress themselves, while others need help from their moms and dads. Here are some guidelines to help you and your child settle on the best getup to start the year off right: 

Embrace personal style, and feel free to express it - but don't try too hard. (The outfit shouldn't be a desperate cry for attention.) Be smart, but not too formal, and choose comfortable clothes that fit well, and be sure any new togs have been through at least one wash cycle, so they won't itch.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Brand Spotlight: Tea Collection

Who doesn’t love outfitting their child in stylish, super-soft cotton? If you’ve been paying attention to youth fashion trends then you already know all about the Tea Collection, a fun line of casual kids' wear that melds modern design with a cross-cultural sensibility and adventurous spirit. Launched in San Francisco in 2002 by co-founders Emily Meyer and Leigh Rawdon—avid travelers who regularly venture far and wide to find inspiration for their original designs—Tea has since expanded into high-end boutiques everywhere. In 2012, the brand beat out the likes of Ralph Lauren, J. Crew’s Crewcuts and Stella McCartney Kids to win a coveted Cribsie award for best all-around children’s wear for stylish tots.

Now here's the best news: we at Moxie Jean have amassed a rather extensive Tea set of our own. There’s so much good Tea for sale right now in our upscale resale shop, everything from rompers, hoodies and dresses to jackets, skirts and sweaters—the same top-quality stuff you’d find at, say, Nordstrom, only at a much nicer price. 

Take this brilliant striped shirt for boys, size 6-12 months, just $8.99 (originally $25). 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Moxie Money: What is it and how do I get it?

Moxie Jean loves to have our customers purchase the clothes their kids need next using their "Moxie Money." Put simply, Moxie Money is store credit. It comes in the form of a discount code and can be applied to your purchase during checkout. 

Right now, you can earn $25 in Moxie Money for every $100 you spend (after discounts). All purchases from July 24 through September 15, 2014 will be added up and Moxie Money will be issued on September 16, 2014 via email. 

Spend $100 = Get $25 in Moxie Money

Spend $200 = Get $50 in Moxie Money

Spend $300 = Get $75 in Moxie Money

Spend $400 = Get $100 in Moxie Money

Moxie Money earned through promotions or giveaways may not be traded for cash.

Families can also earn Moxie Money by selling their gently used clothing to Moxie Jean. When you fill and return a Moxie Jean Mailer Bag, we'll send you a check for the payout amount listed here. BUT - we also bump up those cash payouts by 25% when we give them out in the form of store credit - Moxie Money. 

So let's say your clothing payout was $30. We'll send you an email with a code worth $37.50 in Moxie Money to spend in the store. You can always cash out that $30, but it's so much more fun to spend it on what your kids need next!

If you earn additional Moxie Money, whether through promotions or additional clothing sent in, we will add it up into a single Moxie Money code. Only one code may be used per transaction. 

Have more questions about Moxie Money? Write to us at

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Family-Friendly Weddings: Five Moxie Dresses Your Daughter Will Love to Dance In

Attending a wedding with kids in tow? Dressing up the little ones can be a sartorial challenge, but fret not. At Moxie Jean, you can easily score the perfect dress at a great price. We have several luxury-brand formal and semi-formal pieces on offer, each one in pristine condition—making our upscale resale shop an ideal source for that special outfit your child will probably wear only once. Here, a sampling of fancy numbers just waiting to be discovered in our Designer Room right now: 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

3 Great Ways to Save on Back to School Clothes and Shoes

During the 2014 Back to School season, “shoppers will spend an average of $231.30 on clothes…and $124.46 on shoes.”

If your family is anything like ours, you need to make those Back to School dollars stretch as far as possible! How to make it all work? Here are three tips to make your back to school budget go as far as possible at Moxie Jean.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Behind the scenes of Moxie Jean's clothing purchase process

Sue Kowols was one of Moxie Jean's first employees and she has seen it all - the good, the bad and the way, way out of style. Here she shares her observations and advice for moms who want to sell their kid's clothes to Moxie Jean.


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