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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Practical Mom's Guide to What You REALLY Need at the Hospital

Packing for the Hospital: What You Need for the Delivery Room—and What You Don’t 

It’s a very common tale among first-timers: Over-prepared expectant mother packs enormous suitcase for the hospital only to ignore most of everything in it.

To help you avoid all that unnecessary work, we consulted some fellow moms, scoured our favorite parenting blogs and thought back to our own personal experiences to come up with a sensible checklist.

Labor Necessities: 

1) Lip balm. Why is this first on the list? Because it's incredibly annoying to have dry lips during labor. I actually used Aquaphor, which is good stuff to have around for babies anyway.

2) Socks and slippers, for those strolls up and down the hall, waiting for gravity to do its thing. They aren't sexy, but who cares? 

3) Your own pillow, or something else soft and cozy to bring comfort in a possibly tense situation.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Layering Never Looked So Cute! How Your Kids Can Rock This Trend

Layers are important when keeping the kids warm in colder weather. Here are some great, seriously inexpensive ways to fashionably layer up on patterns and pieces for the 12-and-under set.

Layering for the Fall

When layering for volatile weather, the first layers should be the thinnest layer. You want to go from thin to thick. This establishes an organic depth of field in the outfit you are creating and it also helps your kids’ wiggly bodies retain a proper temperature. And, if they get too hot, you can take one layer off and still look good.

With kids, no matter how many layers they have on, comfort is the rule. (Having them all bundled up and yelping in discomfort can result in a seriously unhealthy domestic situation.)

Finally, each layer should be able to stand on its own, serve its own function, and complement the other layers.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Truth About Newborn Clothes

All too often, expectant parents will prepare for their baby’s arrival by filling the nursery bureau with sleepers and rompers and onesies, all in that adorably teeny-tiny newborn size.

You do need these items. You really do. You just don’t need nearly as many of them—or in as many colors and styles and goofy prints—as you might think. And you won’t be using many of them for very long. Infants tend to plump up fast. If your baby projectile-poops up and out of his diaper then you might fly through that stack of onesies, but more often than not, the lion’s share of your newborn-size wardrobe will emerge unscathed, if not untouched.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Secret to Buying a Great Winter Coat

Whether you're excited for the cold weather or already missing the dog days of summer, one thing's for sure: we're quickly moving from light jacket season to full-on winter coat season. And if you're like us, shopping for winter coats can be daunting. With many priced near $100, it's easy to experience sticker shock. 

That's why Moxie Jean is such a great resource for winter coats. We have a ton of stylish, almost-new winter coats for a fraction of the cost. And some aren't even gently used--they still have tags! Check out some of our outwear inventory for boys and girls here.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

4 Tips to Keeping Your Kiddos Warm at Night

As fall slowly creeps into winter, night time temperatures are starting to dip. And as it gets colder at night, it’s important to make sure your children keep warm. Here are four quick tips to help them toasty (and safe!) all winter long.

1. Go Fleece 

The surest way to keep them warm (and comfortable) overnight is putting them in fleece. Cotton’s too light and wool/polyester blends don’t breathe enough. Fleece PJs will keep you children warm without feeling suffocated. Take a peek at some of the cutest fleece sleepwear we have here. Some of our favorite looks include animals print and polka dots.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

How to Care for Newborn Baby Clothes

So you’ve stocked up on onesies and been showered with gifts of miniature hoodies and sweatpants and itty-bitty socks. Before your baby is born, be sure to launder at least a few of these items. It's important to wash everything before the first wear, and you'll want to be ready. Brand new clothes often have surface residue, a finish some manufacturers use to keep garments bright and fresh looking in the store. That invisible coating could irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. Same goes for crib sheets, blankets, burp clothes, etc.—wash it all before using.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Adorable (and Affordable!) Kid's Halloween Costumes

Before you spring for a brand new costume, take a look at our site’s Halloween collection. You just might find something that will delight (and fit) your child—and cost you a lot less.

There are some real gems to be had. We’ve got a cow suit from Carter’s, complete with black and white tights, size 9-12 months, for $11.99; a cozy sunflower one-piece, size 0-6 months, for $9.99; and a fluffy pink kitty-cat costume in size 12-18 months for $11.99. One lucky preschooler has yet to score this yellow crayon set in size 3T/4T for $8.99. Like all our items, these costumes have been steam cleaned and are in tiptop condition.

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