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Friday, July 17, 2015

Back to School Shopping News: Gap, Gymboree the Big Winners in the First Annual “Moxie Jean ReStyle Awards”

Moxie Jean (, the site voted #1 for online resale by moms nationwide, today announced the winners of the first annual “Moxie Jean ReStyle Awards,” and some favorite brands for Back to School came out on top.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Nominations are Open for the "Moxie Jean ReStyle Awards"

The #1 site for kid's resale is celebrating the best in high quality clothing for baby, kids and maternity! Just like you, we want to reward the companies who are making clothing that is beautiful AND well-made by giving them the recognition and exposure they deserve.

Nominate your favorite in one category - or every category - through our simple nomination form. Categories include: 

Brand Awards:

  • The Resale Rockstar - America's Favorite Brand to Buy Resale
  • The Star Student: Best for Back to School
  • Best After Washing - Again and Again and Again!
  • Best for Kids with Special Needs
  • Best Boutique, Regional or Small-Batch Brand
  • Best Handmade Clothing Line
  • Favorite for Work Wear (Maternity)
  • Favorite for Weekend Wear (Maternity)
  • and more!

Influencer Awards:

  • Best Fashion Blogger - Baby, Kids or Maternity
  • Most Inspiring Pinterest Board - Baby, Kids or Maternity
  • Favorite Instagram Account - Baby, Kids or Maternity

Each nomination counts as 1 vote in this nomination round - only one nomination per person/email address, per category.

Those brands and influencers who receive the most nominations during the nomination round (June 5 - June 11, 2015) will advance to the final voting round. Public voting on the finalists will run from June 12 to July 10, 2015, with winners announced July 17th.

About us: Moxie Jean makes it super easy to buy and sell high-quality, gently used clothing for baby, kids and maternity. You may have seen us on Good Morning America, the TODAY Show, Huffington Post, POPSugarMoms, Daily Candy, Red Tricycle, the Chicago Tribune,, The Bump or from a happy member of our community all over the country!

Inspired to shop high quality resale? See our extensive collection of 50,000+ items for babies, kids and moms-to-be at Every item we sell is backed up by a 100% money-back guarantee, and shipping is free on orders of $50 or more.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

The True Cost - Who Pays the Price for Fast Fashion?

Last night I attended the New York premiere of The True Cost, a new documentary that traces the human and environmental impacts of first world clothing habits:

  • A single village in India where cotton is grown is now home to more than 60 children born with mental and physical birth defects after their farmers sprayed generous amounts of pesticides on crops – chemicals that reach the food the villagers grow and eat, the water they drink and of course are absorbed into their skin.
  • A young mother in Bangladesh who organized her fellow garment workers (85% of whom are also women) to demand the most basic safe and humane working conditions was beaten by factory managers and their employees, and yet returned to the factory and continues to make $2-$3 per day so she can educate her daughter and empower her to find a better life.
  • Mountains of textiles donated by US consumers (90% of which are not actually sold in US thrift stores but sent overseas) are polluting waterways and overwhelming landfills in countries where the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people live with the consequences of our growing appetite for “fast fashion.”

I knew on some intellectual level that these things were happening, but seeing the specific stories and struggles of these workers and their communities strengthened my resolve to grow Moxie Jean into a company that provides an alternative to fast fashion – that empowers families who want to do the right thing with a way to do so that fits into their busy lives.

The Moxie Jean Mission StatementIt may seem counterintuitive for an apparel company to tell you not to buy more clothing, but our mission is to empower conscious consumers, not conspicuous consumers. And of course kids keep growing out of their clothes – they can rarely make do with last year’s jeans or shoes.

So buy what you need, try to buy quality over quantity, and send in the items that survive – we sell what we can and the rest is passed on to our charity partner The Kid’s Pantry, who gives items away to families in need.

I’m tremendously proud to say that Moxie Jean is helping to bring The True Cost to Chicago on June 3rd, 2015, and you can buy tickets to see the movie and hear from the director Andrew Morgan (and myself) here. Find information on other screenings or purchase the movie here. And be sure to read the New York Times review of the film.

A lot of resources went into making every piece of clothing in the world - it takes 700 gallons of water to grow the cotton in a single t-shirt – so let’s make it last as long as we can. When you buy and sell gently used clothing at Moxie Jean, you’re not just becoming part of our community, you’re becoming part of the solution.


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Friday, May 22, 2015

Our BEST Kid's Laundry Tips - from the Resale Experts at Moxie Jean


Kid's stain treating tips

As the moms who founded Moxie Jean (the site voted #1 by moms for kid's resale) we have a LOT of experience with kids clothes and how to keep them looking their best. 

We're sharing our best stain removal advice in the image above (Pin it!) and general laundry care in the tips below. 

General Clothing Care:

  1. Don't use hot water unless you need to. Unless you've got serious contamination on your hands (read: bodily fluids or the like), it's probably not necessary and will just cause your clothes to show "excessive wash wear" -- which means Moxie Jean won't be able to accept them. 
  2. Go easy on the detergent. Even without high-efficiency washers, you don't need a lot of detergent. Using too much will clog up the fabric and, ironically, the residue left on your clothes will attract and hold dirt. 
  3. Don't use the dryer unless you have to. And when you do put things in the dryer (on a low setting), don't overstuff it. It causes more wear and tear on your dryer but also more friction and rubbing/wear on your clothes. 
  4. Wash and store polo-style collars turned up to avoid a permanent crease that fades quickly. On an otherwise nice polo, a faded crease in the collar ruins a sharp look.
  5. Treat stains right away. Use ice water or seltzer on food stains before they set. Before washing, dab a stain fighter on and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing. 
  6. Turn clothing with frills, sequins, flowers or other embellishments inside out before washing it. It will reduce wear and fading on the additions and reduce the chances that things will get snagged as they turn. 
  7. Get to know the steam setting on your iron. Those cute little flowers curling up? Bows on the shoulders a little droopy? Use the steam setting on your iron to perk them up. Hold the iron maybe an inch from the clothing as the steam comes out and then smooth out the petals or bows or other embellishments. Don't actually iron them--you're apt to melt, fade or otherwise damage the materials. 
  8. Invest in an electric lint shaver. You can revive almost anything fleece that has accumulated pilling with a lint shaver, and knit sweaters, too. It's absolutely worth the $5 investment--probably our most useful tool. 
  9. Get those grease stains out. Probably our most frustrating challenge is when otherwise adorable kids' clothes have dark spots on them, like a bit of oil or grease. Use a little dab of grease-fighting dish soap, gently work it into the fabric and let it sit for maybe half an hour, then rinse the soap out by hand and wash as normal. It works!
  10. Keep a bib on the baby, even between meals. Spit-up doesn't necessarily happen only during or right after feedings. Lots of babies spit up between meals. It's easier--and cheaper--to keep changing to a dry, clean bib than to go through half a dozen outfits every day. 

Fancy Dresses and Formal Wear:

  1. A little nail polish will save runs. The ends of ribbons and the middle threads of buttons can fray easily when kids run around in their beautiful outfits. Use a little clear nail polish to seal them before they start to unravel.
  2. Dry clean quickly. If your child wears a formal dress to a wedding or other special event, have it dry-cleaned right after the event: little drops of apple juice may not be obvious right away, but after the dress sits in a closet for 6 months, those stains will darken.

If you have high quality, like-new baby and kids' clothing you would like to sell, please review our clothing purchase policies (and pricing charts) to see what we accept and then order a FREE Moxie Jean Mailer Bag today. Or, check out the kinds of clothes currently for sale in our store. It will give you a good idea of the quality and style that "Upscale Resale" means at Moxie Jean. 


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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Spring Wardrobe Challenge: What Would You Get for $100?

red pajamasWhat would you buy if you had $100 for a spring wardrobe? Oh, the possibilities. Well, set aside a Franklin (or 10 Hamiltons or 100 Washingtons ... however you like to roll) because it can buy you quite a lot if you shop a gently used childrens consignment site like Moxie Jean. Right now, we're offering you a special deal: Spend $100 in April, get $25 to spend in May. 

To give you a little inspiration, two moms - our co-founder and CEO, Sharon Schneider, and Community Director, Michelle Thompson - spilled what they would buy from the site with a cool $100 (Sharon has a 4-year old daughter and Michelle has a 5-year old son). Their colorful picks will last through spring - and far beyond. 

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Earth Day feature: Organic Cotton - Is It Worth the cost?

Organic cotton: Is it worth the cost?The key to a great kiddie wardrobe is quality, not quantity. It's about choosing outfits that wear comfortably and last longer. Better yet, it's about choosing in ways that don't harm the environment. That's where organic cotton comes in.

It’s definitely pricier - a simple t-shirt purchased new can easily run $25. But is it worth the extra cost?

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Tips for Dressing Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder

Any parent of 3 girls under the age of 6 (or any parent of a toddler, really) can tell you it’s definitely a challenge to get them all dressed in the morning.

Getting dressed is made a little more difficult by the fact that all 3 of my girls have sensory processing disorder (SPD), and my two younger daughters are especially affected by clothing.

For kids with sensory processing disorder, buying special clothing as well can add up. Here's how I find clothing that meets their needs and my budget. 

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